Freemantles Outreach

COVID 19 resources

This is a very tricky time with lots of uncertainty. Lots of our young people are feeling very anxious and will need more information to help them to understand what is going on. Carol Gray's social stories team and the team here at Freemantles have created the following stories and advice:

Back to school

Back to school in a bubble

Pandemics and the coronavirus

Watching a Pandemic on the Television

Learning about Coronavirus  (social article)

A few thoughts on Coronavirus (information for parents, carers and professionals)

You may also need to give your young people some explanation about the things we can do to stay safe:

COVID 19 - I can help!

Why wash hands

How to wash hands

Social distancing

Understanding PPE

For those young people who want to know when they can get back their usual routine:

A story of hope

For those young people who are afraid to go outside:

Coronavirus is spread by people, not places

For those young people who are worried about their learning from home:

Home is not the same as School