Autism Outreach for Schools

End of Year Evaluation Survey goes live!

Our end-of-year evaluations are different this year! The Autism Outreach team has completed our recommissioning process with Surrey and will now be called Autism Outreach for Schools, or AOFS for short.

This means that we have a different set of targets to work towards and need to ask you different questions to evaluate them. We will no longer be asking for before/after data about individual pupils and the new survey is much broader, focusing on general impact of the service.  We have not asked you all of these questions before, so this year’s evaluation will be a good baseline for us.

We would appreciate you taking the time to complete short survey (around 5 minutes), even if you have not referred any specific children to us this year. We genuinely value your feedback and act upon it wherever possible. The deadline will be Friday 14th July



Or follow this link to take the survey:

 Many thanks for your support,