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Vanessa's Blog: November - A COVID Christmas

Hello all,

It is that time of year again, when Christmas lights begin to appear in the streets and the Christmas adverts are on the television. Our children are very aware of this and for some it can be a really difficult time, as the anticipation is rising fast despite there being a long time left to wait. This year is going to be especially different, as we are all trying to work out our plans for a COVID-safe Christmas.  Some young people with autism are going to have their best Christmas ever; no houses full of relatives, no trips away from home, no school performances disrupting the timetable. Others are going to find this really hard, as their inflexible way of thinking involves a very fixed mind-set about what we are ‘supposed’ to do at this time of year. Either way, the best thing we can do is to give our young people as much as preparation, visual support and structure as we can manage;

The tips in our Christmas advice sheet are still as important as ever- Click here

Your families may need to spend some time thinking about what will be different this year and highlighting this to their young people with autism, but they should also think about reminding them of all the lovely things that will stay the same. A sorting sheet like this may help – Click here

The rules around keeping safe from COVID are changing all the time, so it can be confusing for the best of us! A visual may help your young people to understand what they can and can’t do with the people in their lives over the Christmas period – Click here

Some young people are worried about what COVID will mean for Father Christmas; whether he will be permitted to visit all of our homes and how safe that will be. They may need a Social Story to talk through specific issues, but you could also show them this letter that Boris Johnson wrote to a concerned young man:

From all of us here in the Outreach Team, we wish you a very Happy Christmas!