Autism Outreach for Schools

Welcome Back! - September 2023

I hope you are all managing to keep cool!   

We are back in action at Freemantles and operating under the very slightly changed name of ‘Autism Outreach for Schools’. The recommissioning of our service has now been completed, so there will be a few changes coming up over the next year, such as a new website, a new service agreement for schools and fliers to update you all on our service structure. In short, we will be operating with two forms of support for your schools;

The Core Service is unchanged and continues to be a referral-only service for individual pupils (click here for an updated referral form). Observations of pupils in their classroom are completed and followed by a meeting with school staff to discuss strategies and interventions. Parents are invited to attend that feedback meeting, or could be contacted after the visit by telephone or TEAMS meeting. I will be quality assuring the core service across the county, so you may occasionally find that I accompany an outreach team member to your setting (to observe them, not you!).

The Universal Service has been expanded and includes all activities that we can provide without a referral from;

  • Telephone/email advice
  • Clinic visits (to discuss a range of staff concerns without identifying un-referred children by name)
  • Class-wide / centre-wide problem-solving visits
  • A resource bank on our website
  • Staff training
  • Demonstration of strategies / best practice
  • Learning Walks / Autism Friendly environment support
  • Support with SEN reviews and audits

Please liaise with your lead outreach teacher to organise universal support activities, or email me and I can pass the message on to the right person.

We are looking forward to moving our training into rooms within our new secondary school building, once it is completed around half term. From January 2024, our older students will be provide all refreshments and catering for external visitors, as part of our vocational curriculum. Training is now all up on our website here: with a mixture of online sessions and in-person sessions. If you prefer having a list on paper, I am also attaching our training booklet. All training is now booked through the TryBooking website, so please follow the links on the page. Any questions, please contact


Vanessa Clark