Autism Outreach for Schools

 Our Aims

Surrey County Council are committed to ensuring:

• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion underpin flexible models of delivery

• That all mainstream schools aspire to be inclusive schools

• That more children and young people can have their needs met in mainstream schools

• Assessment or intervention within a school is not reliant on an EHCP

• That mainstream schools feel confident and equipped to meet the needs of children with more complex needs

• That mainstream schools can access the training, advice and support to meet the needs of children with more complex needs.

Our Aims

The role of Autism Outreach For Schools is to improve outcomes for all children and young people with additional needs and disabilities by helping schools to meet a wider and more diverse range of needs.

The Surrey Specialist Schools who offer Outreach will work with mainstream schools to promote inclusive whole school practice and support the development of provision whilst making the most efficient use of resources. The Autism Outreach for Schools offer will provide schools with the skills and knowledge to support the individual needs of autistic pupils and reduce future need of services.

Our Objectives

Targeted – to support schools to meet the needs of individuals who referred to us and their families and therefore to enable as many learners as possible to have their needs successfully met in a mainstream setting.

Universal – to increase understanding of autism and support Surrey Schools to become more ND inclusive