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Help Sheets


Tools for Social Teaching


Books abouty autism and anxiety (including demand avoidance)


Booklist: Social skills


High level anxiety / PDA 


Autism and Anxiety


Managing Challenging Behaviour


Offering Choices


Using Time Out Effectively


Reducing Demand


ASD and Self Esteem


Circles of familiarity 


Circle of Friends


FAQ - Comic Strip Conversations


FAQ - The Incredible Five Point Scale


FAQ - Social Stories


Top tips for Christmas


Emotional Wellbeing


Strategies for Calm Breathing


Teaching Relaxation


Ideas for Mindfulness and Wellbeing Activities


ASD and Passive Presentations


Video Games and ASD


Energy Accounting


Sleep - What is it, how does it impact us and how to get enough of it


Sleep - Top tips to help your child to self-settle


Sleep - Helping your child to self-settle, a summary


Calm Cards


School Refusal 


Zones of Regulation


Autistic and OK program by Ambitious About Autism 



Wellbeing Session at Freemantles


The Incredible Five Point Scale -

Video explanation (YouTube link)




Website Links

Autistic and OK program by Ambitious About Autism 


The Incredible Five Point Scale - free scale templates to download and ideas for use


 Carol Gray's website - information about Social Stories and examples


Internet Safety - Think You Know resources for children with additional needs


Internet Safety Guides for Parents


Smart Moves Resilience Training and Resources


GoZen - 50 calm-down ideas for kids of all ages

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